My lifelong interest in animals, particularly as a “horse crazy” child, led me to attend Cal Poly University and major in Animal Husbandry.  It was indeed an interesting major, filled with scientific approaches to care, feeding, genetics and reproduction of animals.  A life in dogs was not in the plan at that time, as my interest was in horses and horse racing in particular, and led to an adventure in raising and selling Thoroughbred horses that spanned about 15 years.  I met my husband at Cal Poly and our life in animals always was and still is, a joint venture.

I was introduced to the fascinating world of dog shows by a colleague in the late 60s.  My first entry into the dog world was through Shelties.  I was actively involved in breeding and showing Shelties for many years.  I have been a member of the American Shetland Sheepdog Association since 1974.

I came to be interested in Australian Terriers when my young son insisted on becoming an Aussie owner.  That was in 1982 and I soon found that Aussies were an easy breed to love!  Over time I became more involved with my Aussies and gradually faded out of Shelties, after breeding 31 AKC champions and founding a sable line that still is active in many of today’s pedigrees.

Dog shows are a source of fun and friendship and while it’s fun to compete, it’s mostly fun to enjoy outings with my friends.  I have always owner handled my own dogs and have achieved many sterling wins along the way. 

I started a line of Aussies based on strength of the female line and have three separate female lines in my pedigrees, tracing to the amazing producers I started with many years ago.  In order to keep new and interesting blood in my pedigrees, I imported Ch Tanamier’s Jonny Be Good from Norway and also was able to access Australian lines through a dog I bred on a total outcross.  Jonny has sired 18 American champions to date and is sire of the dam of Ch Kambara’s Zebulon, the first Aussie to go Best in Show in the US in ten years. 

I enjoy my dogs at home here in the Northwest on lovely country property.  I live in a great environment for dogs and people, no fleas, no mosquitos and no humidity.  My dogs love to use their Aussie skills roaming the the meadows and forests that surround us.

One of the important aspects of being in dogs is to mentor the next generation of enthusiasts into the breed.  I have always enjoyed helping new people get started.  It’s very exciting to see someone fall in love with the breed and achieve success.

My goal has always been to produce quality, healthy dogs adhering to the breed standard.  Of course, most of my dogs go to happy companion homes where they are as loved and appreciated as any great show dog might be.

When I have a litter of puppies, the sire and dam are either AKC champions or pointed toward their title.  My personal experience with my pedigrees now extends to the sixth generation.  Most of my pedigrees are all AKC champions dogs.  I have produced over 100 champions, National Specialty Best Breed Winners, Eukanuba National Championship Best of Breed Winners and many other terrific Aussies that excel in being the best of companions.

Aussies have been a most important part of my life.